Expert repair and restoration for cabinetry, fine furniture, millwork, antiques and more.


Instead of choosing a full replacement for items like cabinets, millwork, disaster-damaged furniture and more, save money and repair or restore your items instead.

Expert Technicians

When you choose a Furniture Medic near you, you’ll find an experienced technician to provide an expert evaluation and estimate.

Convenient Repair

Based on your schedule, your technician will coordinate the repair and restoration of your property for a time convenient for you or your business.

No Disruptions

Often repairs happen on-site, but some furniture or cabinets may be moved to a different location for more in-depth service and restoration.

We restore and revive everyday functional items, cabinets, heirloom antiques, and everything in between.

We're ready when you are. Get in touch today.

Repair. Don't replace.

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