Furniture Medic is much more than just a furniture repair company.

Established as a furniture repair business in 1992, Furniture Medic is the largest and most respected furniture and wood damage and restoration company in the world, with locations across Canada, the United States and United Kingdom.

Combined with the professionalism of our teams and ability to perform on-site repairs, Furniture Medic remains in high demand today. Whether it's residential or commercial repairs and restorations, Furniture Medic extends the life of furniture, cabinetry and fixtures through a variety of water-based, chemical free products that meet the standards set by governing agencies. Additionally, once the job is done, all products are disposed of responsibly for the best results – and peace of mind for our customers.

Furniture Medic has a skill set that applies to the restoration of wood. We have the ability to work closely with restoration firms, home owners and commercial businesses when floods, fire and other natural disasters plague homes or other properties.

The core idea of the business is to restore furnishings and cabinetry to their original beauty with as little or no impact as possible on the environment.

The success of Furniture Medic is firmly rooted in its dedication to providing customers with unparalleled craftsmanship and quality service in furniture restoration and cabinet transformation.