Take advantage of routine Cabinet Cleaning & Touch-Ups

Keep Your Cabinets Looking Like New

We know what you’re thinking. The messy build up of dirt, gunk and grime, and normal wear and tear on your cabinets bothers you. And using the wrong products and process to clean and touch-up your cabinets can create permanent damage. Don’t worry. Furniture Medic’s Cabinet Maintenance Program will ensure that your kitchen, bathroom, and any cabinets in your home look like new with our regular on-site cleaning and touch-up service.

Make Life Easier and Save

Furniture Medic’s professionally trained technicians will visit your home every six months or yearly. It all depends on how often you use your kitchen, bathroom or other cabinets. We’ll make sure every room we touch stays bright, fresh and clean. Not to mention extend the life of your cabinets and increase their durability. You’ll also save tens of thousands of dollars by restoring your cabinets instead of replacing them.

How It Works

The regular Cabinet Maintenance Program schedule you select is based on the unique wear and tear on your cabinets. Furniture Medic’s pros find a time that’s convenient for you with minimal disruptions. Most regular cabinet cleaning and touch-up services can be completed in just one day.

Our full-service experts are trained to handle the most stubborn stains, scratches, and water or other damage. And if you want to upgrade the hardware on your cabinets, we can do that too. The goal is to exceed your expectations.

Here’s what we do:

  • Carefully cover your countertops, flooring, appliances and the inside of cabinets based on the type of finish being used
  • Gently deep clean the front and backs of cabinet doors, the surface of face frames, end panels, and molding
  • Thoroughly touch-up and restore areas of missing color and finish damage that include repairs to nicks, gouges, scratches, peeling, and chipping

After cleaning and touching-up, your professional technician will work with you to schedule their next visit. And our easy and convenient Cabinet Maintenance Program will continue to provide the peace of mind you’re looking for — keeping your cabinets looking fresh and new at an affordable price.

Find Furniture Medic Services Near You

With all of the cabinet services offered by Furniture Medic, cabinet replacement should only be considered as a last resort. There are professionally trained technicians near you ready to schedule your first Cabinet Maintenance Program visit. To get started, contact us today.