Restore Your Furniture and Fall in Love All Over Again.

Whether it’s a traditional armoire that once belonged to your grandmother or that farm-house style dining table you bought a few years ago, Furniture Medic technicians have the skills to repair your favorite pieces. Revive that scratched coffee table. Refresh your dresser with a new coat of paint. Color-match that flea market nightstand to your bedframe for a cohesive look. Fix furniture joint and structural damage. Furniture Medic offers in-home or on site furniture repair as a convenient alternative to costly furniture replacement.

Furniture Medic provides a full array of services to repair or restore the furniture in your home.

  • Furniture Repair & Restore: Return the original look and beauty to furniture that has been damaged or lost its functionality.
  • Furniture Painting: Painting wood furniture gives life to new and old pieces. Our process includes carefully sanding and repairing blemishes, followed by applying primer and paint.
  • Dent / Gouge / Scratch Repair: We use special products and techniques to fill in dents, gouges and scratches to restore your furniture.
  • Expert Color Matching: We can custom color-match wood furnishings, millwork and cabinetry to existing furniture colors and stains.

Avoid the need for furniture repair! Browse our Furniture Care Tips to learn how to keep your furniture looking its best.