From furniture scratches to deep gouges, the little imperfections can cause big headaches. Rely on the experts for a beautiful fix.

Don’t let scratches, gouges, chips or nicks be lingering blemishes that you’ll get to “sometime soon.” If you’re over DIY fixes featuring halved walnuts but don’t know what to try next, it may be time to call in a pro. With expert precision repairs from Furniture Medic, you can nix the expensive replacement and get back to enjoying your furniture, flooring and more.

Types of Minor Damage & Flaws Worth Fixing

When you’re thinking about hiring out a precision repair, consider a few things before you make the decision:

  • Does this piece have sentimental value? Maybe it’s a cherished antique or a beloved family heirloom.
  • What’s the cost of a full replacement? Most often, replacement is a more expensive option than choosing a smaller repair.
  • Is this piece part of a set? Relying on experts to complete the repair means you’ll get a finished product that looks like the rest.
  • And when it comes to flaws or damage, Furniture Medic technicians have seen it all. Do you have pets? Then cat scratches on couch frames, dog scratches on wood floors, teeth marks on table legs — the list goes on — are a familiar sight.

Normal wear and tear can lead to damage like scuffed baseboards, banged up doors, and nicked wood trim. Setting a hot or cold drink on a wood surface just once can lead to an unsightly water ring. Spilling nail polish remover or essential oils, or using cleaners not meant for finished surfaces can leave a lasting mark.

The good news: These accidents are all fixable.

Precision Repair Overview

Usually, precision wood repairs can be done on-site, either at your home or your business. After cleaning and assessing the damaged areas, your Furniture Medic technician will then get to work. Depending on the type, finish and size of damage, your trained medic may use different tools or materials.

For color and finish touch-ups, color toners, paints and finishes will be expertly matched for a seamless look. Special wood fillers made from wax resin and two-part epoxies can build back up gouged or dented surfaces. And much like the name, precision tools are used for these small-scale wood repairs.

Find a Precision Repair Expert Near You

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