Are your cabinets dinged, scratched, or looking a bit dated? Good news: you don’t need a full cabinet replacement. You can get the feel of a brand-new kitchen or bathroom without the time — or budget — needed to install completely new cabinets.

Depending on the condition of your cabinets and the style you’re after, you have several options with a Furniture Medic expert. Smaller-scale work includes cleaning and minor repairs of scuffs, scratches and dings or touch-ups for missing color and finish. Or, for a full transformation, update paint or stain or reface your cabinets with new veneer and door fronts.

Save Time & Money with a Cabinet Makeover

A full kitchen renovation can take weeks, if not months. When the layout of your kitchen or bathroom isn’t changing, you can save big with a cabinet makeover instead of a full cabinet replacement. Especially if you like elements of your cabinets or countertops, a more straightforward refurbish or even changing the cabinet paint or stain color can make a big impact.

For an entire style upgrade, though, a cabinet refacing may be a better choice. By updating cabinet boxes with new veneer or laminate and swapping out old with new cabinet doors and drawer fronts in styles like flat panel, raised panel, decorative glass, shake-style and more, you get a refreshed space without a complete tear out.

How Cabinet Refinishing, Repair or Refacing Works

Furniture Medic provides a variety of cabinet repair and restoration services from trusted craftsmen. You can find a cabinet makeover solution that keeps your budget and schedule in mind.

  • Cabinet Repair & Restoration: Return damaged cabinet structure, color and finish back to its original condition. If your cabinet fronts or boxes have been structurally damaged from wear and tear, pets or vandalism, or the drawer boxes are broken or not functional due to damaged hardware, a Furniture Medic expert can get your cabinets back to top condition.
  • Cabinet Refurbish: Renew existing cabinet color and finish to look like new. This is a great solution if you like your current cabinet style and color but want to freshen up normal wear and tear.
  • Cabinet Painting & Staining: Refresh existing cabinets with a new coat of paint or stain and finish. Updating the color of your cabinets can breathe new life into your kitchen or bathroom. Stain can enhance the look and grain of your current wood cabinets. Paint, on the other hand, covers up any wood grain but does provide a clean finish.
  • Cabinet Refacing: Update your kitchen by refacing your cabinets with new cabinet doors, drawer fronts and side panels (the cabinet “skin”). Save money by keeping the current cabinet boxes (the cabinet “bones”) and layout. We work with trusted manufacturers and vendor partners to provide various door styles and a large selection of available stain and paint colors for custom made-to-order cabinet fronts to fit any kitchen. Plus, any cabinet hardware — like hinges or drawer pulls — can be updated, too.
  • Countertop Braced & Cabinet Removal Service: Our cabinet removal service saves the cabinets and supports and protects the countertops while your disaster-damaged cabinets are removed, restored and installed.

Work with Trusted Furniture Medic Experts

Let the technicians at Furniture Medic repair or refinish your bathroom or kitchen cabinets. Find a cabinet restoration expert near you.