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We’ll get you back into your property quickly, safely and cost-effectively without starting from scratch.

Fire and water damage can upend your life in an instant. When a disaster strikes, Furniture Medic is there to help get you back into your home or office. We work with you, and your insurance company if necessary, to restore, repair and bring your cabinetry, furniture and more back to pre-loss condition. And by forgoing a full replacement, you can get back to the way things were faster.

What is Disaster Restoration?

Disaster restoration doesn’t just eliminate damage caused by water, fire or even vandalism. The disaster restoration process also brings back the comforting environment you were used to before catastrophe struck. Often, you can save money by repairing, cleaning and restoring items like furniture, cabinets, millwork and more instead of opting for a full replacement. And for family heirlooms, expert restoration can save sentimental value, too.

Types of Disaster Restoration Services and Repairs

To minimize disruption to your schedule, disaster restoration services often take place directly in your home, office or other commercial property. Whether you’ve experienced flood damage or damage from fire, smoke or vandalism, we may be able to complete the following restorations and repairs:

Insurance-Claim Considerations for Disaster Restoration

Navigating insurance claims can be difficult, especially if you’ve never filed a claim like this before. Furniture Medic can work directly with your insurance company, or advise you on the process if you prefer to handle water, fire or vandalism damage claims directly. Regardless of path, we want to get you back into your property as quickly as possible.

With years of experience under our belts, we make sure your insurance company gets the information they need to process claims quickly, including a thorough inspection, accurate quoting, standardized documentation and photos of the damage. This attention to detail, along with a workmanship warranty, showcases why Furniture Medic is a preferred disaster restoration company for many insurance carriers.

Find a Disaster Restoration Expert Near You

For more information on fire, water, smoke and other damage restorations, please call 1-800-RESPOND to be connected to a certified Furniture Medic expert or find a disaster restoration expert near you.

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